The Audio logs of the lost

Podcasting is one of those ways to express ideas that is somewhat archaic but at the same time so novel. I can imagine the years of the radio, listening to shows talk about politics and arts, all with that certain grain in the voices that we can hear. But there is some power to listening to someone speak about something, finding a bit of the voice of a person not next to you. I can relate this to video games and the usual mechanics of finding “Audio Lags” to convey a story. I think this is extremely familiar, these after all are audio logs that convey a story about a certain theme, we found them and it is up to us to piece together the narrative.

And of course, unlike broadcast an podcast is freely available for anyone to create and disseminate, but that is where the devil in the detail land. How many hoax-y podcasts there could be in a sea of information? How much can we trust someone who publishes audio and we are supposed to take as valid? Curation is the name of the game, and even when we have experts curating content how much of it is their biases? IT is hard to tell, but in the end we have to trust our own compasses and believe that we can do our best with what we have and to absorb what can help us by discarding the negative.

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