Proposal Abstract: A Memory of gamers.

Trough my studies in interactive media and communities around it I have come across many stereotypes coming form the general public: Gamers are all slob, unmotivated individuals that have no interest in furthering their personal development. The word “losers” or “lazy” comes up very often and with that a stigma is raised. However, as time goes by and the scene of e-sports becomes more and more prevalent in society, different perspectives are risen. There is not only people who plays the games, but there are commentators, analysts, those who help new players get into the game and casters that stream both their own games and other’s.

Who form the e-sports community, where do they come from and how do they prepare? In this paper I want to create an archive of e-sports players, enthusiasts and community leaders. And I want to do it not only in function of their expertise on their respective game but also their way to be where they are now. This would be a way not only to learn about the demographics of these players, but also a way to see the patterns they follow, from their origins to motivations, to their outlook on life and their part in their society and families.

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