Personas of Gamers


In my research I deal a lot with gamers, gamers of all economic and cultural origins, with a special interest in Latin America gamers and with a preexisting database of Mexican players. In particular, I am interested in the personas of these gamers in function of their relationship with their family and community, including their jobs. Thus, three archetypical personas I have encountered in my previous research could look something like this:


Miguel Sanchez: University Student.
Background: Engineering Sophomore at UNAM (Largest public university in Mexico)
Gaming Choice: PC, Occasional Mobile.
Gaming Time: 3-5 times a week, sessions averaging 2 hours.

Quick Take on Miguel: Receives a stipend form the government, has a desktop computer he put together himself, has a background in Mechanics.

Key Goals: Miguel is trying to keep a high GPA while going through college, college is competitive in Mexico and thus his grades determine hiss opportunities. Right now things are good, between his parents help and a government stipend he can stay away from having a part time job, thus he can dedicate time to playing videogames.

Recently he started playing League of legends with other classmates, finds the experience bonding and it can be fun, he is looking into learning more about the game and mechanics. He is focused on online games.

A day in Life: Miguel has classes 4 days a week, he commutes every day an hour and a half each way to get from his family house to the university, his first class is at 8 am. Once there he spends up to 6 hours in campus. As a sophomore he is still to have more compromises. After class he will occasionally hang out with friends, going to a bar or at the nearby hot spots. Miguel goes home in the early evening. Gaming came in the form of online games that he plays mostly with classmates form the university, he has since invited friends from high school that he stays in touch with. Recently he has been looking into more games that are single player. His parents think the gaming thing is just one more entertainment their son does.

Some friends took them to the city’s “geeky” plaza, where he got himself a hat themed after the game they play and he is getting more interested in the lore of the game. Luckily Miguel can be at ease maintaining his GPA for now, and the stipend he receives from the government means he has the extra time to play and enjoy his time. As a mechanical engineer student, he is very adept with computers, the gaming rig he currently uses was put together by himself, they are not premium components, but they get the job done and he has make sure they work well. He is saving up to upgrade his graphics card.


Humberto Suarez: Cashier at a fast food restaurant.
Background: College dropout.
Gaming Choice: PC, Occasional console.
Gaming Time: 7 days a week, sessions averaging 5 hours.

Quick take on Humberto: Has a computer he had a friend put together for him, works fulltime in a fast food restaurant and lives with his parents, pitching in for utilities.

Key Goals: Humberto is trying to make it big, he considers himself and adept game player and is striving to be accepted into one of the professional teams in Mexico. He dropped out of college because of low GPA. He works full time, but any free time he has he spends honing his gaming skills.

Prefers competitive games that are considered E-Sports, and money he does not use for basics is invested into gear and hardware.

A day in life: Humberto works 8 hours a day, 6 days a week in a fast food restaurant, that means his average day of work starts around 9 am and ends around 4 pm, unless he has a shift in the evening, these changes in shift are periodical. Humberto lives within walking distance of his job, so he can go have lunch at his house. Humberto believes his skills in games are good enough to join the professional circuit, he plays FPSs (First Person Shooters) and is in talks to join one of the Mexican professional Teams. His English is good, and he keeps a good standing within the leaderboards.

Humberto only really interacts with his teammates, but does have a stable relationship with his parents, as long as he keeps helping with utilities, however their parents seem to be losing patience and do not understand his dedication to games. Humberto hopes to be a pro and play for money soon.


Viviana Ramirez: Marketing Executive.
Background: College Graduate.
Gaming Choice: Console, Occasional PC.
Gaming Time: 5 days a week, sessions averaging 3 hours.

Quick Take on Viviana: A salary worker at an international company, lives on her own in an apartment, has a current gen gaming console and a store bought gaming computer.

Key Goals: Viviana likes her job, she gets paid well and moving up the corporate ladder. From youth she has enjoyed videogames and has kept this interest now that she lives on her own. She keeps up with current console titles, keeping up with franchises she likes. She is dating but has no urge to settle down.

Prefers single player games, though occasionally she will jump into online games with friends, has thought about live streaming her gaming.

A day in life: Viviana works from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, though days she stays at the office until 6 or 7 pm are not unheard of. She commutes almost an hour each way, having a car but preferring public transportation. Her job applies everything she has learned in college and she is satisfied with her current situation, though getting a raise/promotion is always on her mind. She gets home and as part of her routine she plays videogames, she always has a title she is currently working on, trying to unlock everything in the game she currently plays, except for any achievements that require online multiplayer, she does not particular like those.

She does delves into multiplayer as long as she is playing with friends, she has a laptop she got for that that doubles as an office laptop at home. Viviana has an interest to delve into live streaming games, seeing many English speaker girls do the same and get revenue she believes she plays enough to have a mastery on this, plus she is enthusiasts for the lore and fandom around her favorite titles. She has memorabilia and merchandise from them.


Some of the information I got ere I got from actual interviews and compile them into these three archetypes. Some of the information is relevant, for example the gaming choice, as it reveals what games the players play and how they play it.

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