My place on Digital Humanities Spaces.

I believe my place in the digital humanities lies in the administration and creation of repositories and community driven contents. I personally lack some of the finer skills to make creative work, not as I am now, though these skills are something that I wish to refine and practice. I think digital humanities is a wonderful medium to create and present knowledge in new ways, but it is also a wonderful way to obtain data and get in touch with those who are pivotal to our disciplines. Whether it is communicating with people involved in the phenomena we study or getting in contact with experts and colleagues and share our information and progress, Digital Humanities can offer a medium to communicate our thoughts and idea like never before.


I know other can base their scholarship in digital humanities and I believe their projects are potentially game changing and innovative. Me, I believe I can use these resources to establish human communication and improve the way we work, mitigating to some extent the limitans of spatial location. Everything in such a presentation that can be accessible for those we think need to have access.


In the end I take away that the resources and value of our online and digital presentation also have value that I had not considered before and I intend to maintain and improve my online presence while making use of all the tools I have available. From ways of analyzing data, editing videos or mapping ideas and concepts, I think I come out with better skills than when I came in.

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