Looking for Clues in text

It is fascinating what we can indagate from snippets of text and argument. I always found that twitter scrapping or Facebook scourging for information might be a bit odd, if not pointless. But revising this and thinking about what it can tell us, it is actually a tool that I can only see used nowadays. The simple fact that we can now search for keywords in such massive databases and cross relate it to metadata makes for a fascinating theme that can be used to learn more about those who write, why they wrote it and never lose sight of their particular characteristics.

We do have to think about his with a grain of salt though, sometimes a few snippets of text might not give us the whole scoop and context, but it is a fascinating way to get a general idea. And with some refinement and inventive curiosity we can even make use of some interesting queries to find out more about a moment in time, an event or a theme.

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