Humanities education in a digital era

Teaching and Learning digital humanities is no easy feat. TO begin with when we talk about humanities some people just don’t get our meaning or what we are talking about. One way I like to explain humanities is to say it is it is a way to explain either philosophy, art or history in function of the other two.  So, if we are going to apply that to a Digital format and make use of a concept like this, the basics need to be covered first. But let’s assume we already have the basics covered, and that we are ready to mov eon to the Digital aspect. In this case what we want is to find the correct ways to apply our knowledge.

We need to find the best possible ways to share our ideas in a platform that allows for so much more than plain text, we can allow ourselves to be as creative as possible with as many ideas as possible. We cans till think about the way we do things traditionally at its core, but the important part is to teach and learn bout the new possibilities and perhaps forget a bit about the rigor of the social sciences in favor of more creative presentation nd assimilation of new ideas.

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