Engaging Gamers

Knowing my user base, my subjects of interest, gamers, comes from the knowledge of being a gamer myself. If I can put myself into different shoes and consider the preferences and interests of several groups of people I will be able to engage and offer something for all them.

Of course the common thread in this games, but exactly what kind of games could I consider, and what narrative would I establish. Trying to encompass all gamers in a  sweeping move might be impossible without finding a common thread.

If I want to focus on Multiplayer Games players, I would be wise to know which games to attract, and to keep competition in my mind and themes, while if I prefer to approach gamers who prefer single player games, usually with strong Narratives, I could focus on source materials and script quality. In both cases appealing to what unifies several games would be the way to go.

One advantage that addressing Gamers has is that they are usually technology savvy, know how to engage an interface and can be expected to be somewhat proficient with navigation tools. But it also means that their interest and attention span might be limited without an interface that is not engaging. Thus instead of offering chunks of information a light gamification of the content could be more engagement alluring, and if it is space that allows for user registry and personalization, perhaps an achievement system could be implemented. It all comes down to what I wish to represent and put out there for them, that I something I need to think about? Do I want to offer a depository of information and pieces of “food for thought”? Or do I want to offer a mirror for them to contemplate on their own conditions and ideals?

That is something I must still debate.

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