A different approach to history

Sometimes when we think about history in videogames, I think we get it all wrong. While it is important to consider the history of when games where created, when certain consoles and titles hit the market are important perhaps what we need to consider more is the history when certain events happen. Though, it is important o underline that this would make of the history of videogames something very contemporary and a very moving forward kind of situation. Mayor events are only now starting to come up, with some few tournaments and gatherings starting to pop up just in the early 2000’s. However, if we want to be a bit more creative something that has existed from the beginning are magazines. Perhaps a motivated scholar could find archives where magazines like Nintendo power are gathered, along with other titles that could help us discern the historical context of the gaming history. In these magazines we could find things like cheats and tricks for the classic games, offers for merchandise and the earlier forms of video game affiliation in the form of clubs.

Perhaps another way to think about video game history is in function of its regulation, a quick scope of when and how the ESRB was created. Another way to track history is with scholarly papers, that would be an interesting trip, as the history shows a notable theme that starts with video game violence, goes into the world of exergames and now recently goes into the more positive effects that video games can have in the individuals. Another line of historical analysis is the way videogames are distributed, not all markets where reached at the same time and some places took a lot longer to be considered.

One thing is for sure, if we want to start building a history of gaming we need to do it in function of what we can see. We do have the advantage of games being a recent occurrence, and most of the archival date that we would want to find might be somewhat available, but how we use it and analyze it is where the challenge lays in.

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