Open Access

Open access, sounds like an off-brand product that is the equivalent of some other more popular products, aimed at those struggling with their capital. And why not see it like that? Open access when it comes to journals and academic research sounds pretty much like some lesser channel, aimed to young scholars that are unable to publish on the big journals.

Well, I believe we have to demystify the image of “Name Brand” journals and to realize that the grand objective of academia is to produce and develop new knowledge, to encourage new ways of thinking and to improve our understanding of the world in its many, wonderful facets. And Open Accesses is a medium that is ideal for any scholar eager to get heir work seen and recognized. I is imperative that we observe and consider open access not as a last ditch effort to publish an article, but as the go-to medium for theory building that requires as many eyes on the subject as possible.

After all, the more eyes you have on a subject the more opinions you can get about it or the more people you can reach so they too can benefit form findings and development, instead of keeping knowledge sequestered to the higher echelons of either paid walled or esoteric journals that only a few have access to.

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